Glute Hamstring Raise Toe Wrap

Glute Hamstring Raise Toe Wrap

Glute Hamstring Raise Toe Wrap helps the right muscles engage based on unique toe positions discovered by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Dr. Fionnula McHale demonstrates the Glute Hamstring Raise Toe Wrap including a few variations as part of the training seminar with Dr. Serrano.

Glute Hamstring Raise Toe Wrap

The body position is very important during the Glute Hamstring Raise Toe Wrap. Moving closer to the dumbbell involves more hamstrings while moving farther away recruits more of the glute muscles. There are three glute muscles including the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

Glute Hamstring Toe Wrap

The intense engagement of the glutes and hamstrings will require special attention to recovery to avoid massive muscle soreness and fatigue. Sip the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and after challenging training sessions to minimize soreness. The proprietary blends of amino acids Dr. Serrano included within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis powder force the body to utilize more stored fat as fuel, repair muscle and drive excellent performance. 

The body position impacts the intensity of the exercise as well. A novice can place the elbows on the floor for support. The arms can be crossed over the chest or the hardest position which is extending the arms overhead as Fionnula executes above.

External weight load

The slam ball squeezed between the knees during the video is ten pounds. However different size slam balls in regards to circumference and weight can be used pending the client goals. The slam ball is preferred over a medicine ball since it can be squeezed with pressure throughout the entire set which increases glute activation.

The weight of the slam ball can be much higher if using a standard repetition execution with a designated tempo in comparison to a static hold. During the video Dr. Serrano has Fionnula maintain a static hold for an extended period of time. Personalized program clients will have designated time lengths such as thirty seconds to hold the position with perfect form.

Do not let the glutes move downward towards the floor during the static contraction. Keep the focus on glute contraction and proper pelvic position throughout the set for the best results.

By first look the movement seems more glute oriented, however the hamstrings will begin to contract in a very intense manner which require excellent recovery support.