Full Lat Contraction Unilateral Pull down

Full Lat Contraction Unilateral Pull Down video demonstration with Scott H. Mendelson and Dr. Eric Serrano MD.

The lower portion of the lat is in many cases poorly developed due to in proper training techniques. Improving lower lat recruitment with this special technique will pay dividends quickly.

Improve lower lat contractions

The first objective is to pull the shoulder blade down with a small but deliberate movement. Keep the shoulder blade in this position throughout the rep to maximize the contraction of the lat.

Feel every pound of the weight load

Start with a neutral grip (palm facing in) and rotate during the rep to supinate (palm facing your chest). Bring the elbow to the bottom of the rib cage and squeeze the contraction. Finally bend slightly to your side in the direction of the working arm.

Reduce elbow pain

Strength athletes come from all over the country to see Dr. Serrano for solutions to elbow pain. Many elbow and other injuries originate with a poorly functioning lat.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD shows the points of execution throughout the rep for the ideal execution.

Start with low loading and gradually increase as you perfect the proper form. As weight loads increase keeping the shoulder blade in the down position will become much more difficulty.

Training each arm individually can improve strength dramatically by fixing strength deficits and providing fresh stimuli for the nervous system. Always start the set with the weaker arm.