Fat Loading Friday

Cage Free Eggs and Organic Pork Bacon

Look forward to every Fat Loading Friday where you can feast on the right dietary fat sources to surge fat burning enzymes, bust progress plateaus, break metabolic staleness and naturally optimize fat burning hormones. Eating the same things day after day creates metabolic staleness which grinds fat burning to a stop.

Fat Loading Friday

Every Friday our clients use one or two meals following challenging training sessions high in dietary fat from grass fed beef, burgers, hot dogs, steaks, grass fed lamb, bison, cage free whole eggs, avocados, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts and more. These meals are not only great for fat burning, but also highly satisfying.

High fat burning enzymes burn more stored fat as fuel

Increasing the good dietary fat intake from organic sources provides strategic variety for the metabolism and drastically increases fat burning enzyme levels.* Fat burning enzymes help to liberate stored fat to be burned as fuel and are readily elevated in response to an increase of good dietary fat consumption.*

Keep your fat burning enzyme levels high for days

Enzyme levels can remain elevated for several days following the fat loading meal even though dietary fat intake returns to normal the same day. As a result stored fat becomes the preferred target for fat burning enzymes which are activity seeking work.

Clients have also reported the following benefits in addition to substantial fat burning when using Dietary Fat Loading as a part of their nutrition strategy.

  • Decreased Stubborn Fat
  • Reduced Joint Pain
  • Improved Exercise Performance
  • Fewer cravings for bad food choices
  • Elevated Sex Drive
  • Improved Hair, Skin and Nail quality
  • Steady daily energy levels
  • Improved Omega 3 index

Grass Fed Beef Benefits

Organically raised animals consume the diet that nature intended which produces superior meat. In the case of beef, cows should eat grass which helps them develop ideal ratios of omega 3 content within the beef! Organically raised animals are not given hormones or other unnecessary substances to cover up commercially raised animal realities.

Commercially raised cows are given estrogen so they can have a higher weight at auction. Remember cattle ranchers are paid by the pound! Giving cows estrogen also enables them to gain more fat with less food which again saves money feed costs. Estrogen given to the commercially raised cow will be present in the meat and can make body fat loss much more difficult.