Eric Serrano MD Dietary Fat

Eric Serrano MD Dietary Fat

Eric Serrano MD Dietary Fat featured lecture at the Arnold Classic fitness expo March 3 2018 in Columbus Ohio. Learn why you should balance intake of monounsaturated and organic saturated fat content while minimizing polyunsaturated fat intake.

Eric Serrano MD Dietary Fat

A published research slide helps Dr. Eric Serrano MD explain that a high protein and reduced dietary fat intake can lean to reduced testosterone levels. Increasing saturated from organic sources can increase testosterone levels naturally. Polyunsaturated fats can lower testosterone levels significantly which increases many risk factors.

Fat Cells with Eric Serrano MD

Fat Cells with Eric Serrano MD have a key role in supporting short and long term low body fat levels.

Dr. Serrano utilizes dietary fat loading to help clients improve rates of body fat loss, muscle growth, performance or a combination of all three. Increasing dietary fats from the correct organic sources can increase fat burning enzymes, break metabolic staleness and optimize fat burning hormones.

For example one day per week the total dietary fat from organic sources, meal frequency and caloric intake will increase. Dietary fiber consumption remains very high from green vegetables while protein intake would be at the lowest levels of the week. The strategic changes of dietary fat, protein and carbohydrate percentages are what Dr. Serrano refers to as macronutrient cycling. The specific ratios are arranged in a simple to execution fashion and assembled based on individual patient goals.

Beef tallow contains 54% unsaturated of dietary fat which may come to surprise to most nutritionists and dietitians. Organic lard also has a high percentage of monounsaturated fat which can be highly beneficial.*

Organic Saturated and monounsaturated dietary fat provides many benefits including improving body composition as well as daily energy. *

Omega 3 to 6 ratio

Grass fed cows have a superior dietary fat content in their meat in comparison to commercially raised cows.