Enhanced Core Training During Rear Leg Elevated Lunge

The rear leg elevated lunge works the adductors as well as internal rotators very effectively.

Dr. Serrano has Scott H. Mendelson perform a rear leg elevated lunge with the left leg in front and holding the dumbbell with the right hand which is a typical way to execute the rep. For the next rep Dr. Serrano keeps the lower body position the same, but switches the dumbbell to the left hand which completely changes the exercise challenge.

Advanced trainees must use different loading patterns such as the ones demonstrated which creates excellent progress opportunities. In this case the lower body and core muscle stimulation was significantly enhanced.

Dr. Serrano and Scott discuss the value of using one heavy dumbbell during the set instead of two equally sized dumbbells. This is for highly advanced trainees only and should not be performed without expert supervision.

Consult your doctor before making any changes to your exercise or nutrition programs.