Contracted Cable Loaded Fly

Contracted Cable Loaded Fly

Hold an overhand or underhand contraction on top of the Contracted Cable Loaded Fly repetition can do wonders for chest development. Dr. Eric Serrano MD has developed unique training executions to stimulate both the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor.

Contracted Cable Loaded Fly

Overhand Contracted Position

Palms facing away puts the hands into a pronated position which tends to be stronger when pressing and holding contractions. A five to ten second hold in the top position of the Contracted Cable Loaded Fly will feel like an eternity.

Contracted Cable Loaded Fly with Dr. Eric Serrano MD

A highly advanced Contracted Cable Loaded Fly contraction point with Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Challenging training sessions with advanced executions requires the right attention dedicated to accelerating recovery. The proprietary blend of ingredients within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder drastically reduce soreness and prevent the fatigue hang over from tough training sessions. Dr. Eric Serrano scientifically engineered the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis ratios to deliver the ideal ratios of growth and recovery materials to muscles within seconds around training. 

Underhand Contracted Position

A supinated grip means the palms are facing you throughout the movement. Keeping the sides of the hands together is extremely difficult. Holding the dumbbells in this position will be very challenging and it would be a good idea to put the dumbbells down during this particular execution of the Contracted Cable Loaded Fly. The contraction will be very intense without any external loading from the dumbbells due to the tension created with the cable pulley weight and length of the set.

Forward Movement Contraction

The most challenging contraction position involves moving the contraction forward towards the waist. The loading from the cables becomes more intense as the distance from the pulleys to the hands increases as the contraction pushes outward. Scott Mendelson Infinity Fitness works to hold the position during the Contracted Cable Loaded Fly as Dr. Eric Serrano MD points out the contractile benefits of this special execution.