Chest Press Strip Set Execution to Maximize Muscle Growth

Picking the right weight loads during a strip set sequence can have a huge impact on the rate of muscle growth. Scott H. Mendelson goes through his third work set and has reduced weight loads ready to go following failure to minimize rest periods.

Strip set strategies

Strip sets offer an excellent opportunity to stimulate a large cross section of muscle fibers with great potential for muscle growth. The more muscle fibers that are “damaged” the faster muscle growth can be achieved when the correct nutrition and recovery plans are put in place.

Adjust weight loads to maximize muscle growth

The final set of an exercise can make use of the break set weight load adjustments described below and during the video. Each phase of a strip set knocks out additional muscle fibers. Short rest periods can create exposure to new muscle fibers that may not normally be accessible.

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Never Quit On A Set

If the plan is to get 8 reps, do not let muscle failure limit your training session. It is normal to fall short of repetition objectives when aggressive weight loads are used with proper form. Simply finish the set by reducing the load to take full advantage of your muscle growth opportunities.

The plan was to use 100 pound dumbbells for 5 reps on the 45 degree incline press.

The 30 degree incline press starts after 20 seconds while grabbing the 75 pound dumbbells which caused failure after 3 reps.

50 pound dumbbells were used to complete the set with 5 more reps.

A qualified spotter is absolutely necessary for safety and support during a strip set of any kind.