Carb Loading Tuesday Mexican Food

The two meals following training represent a great fat burning opportunity on Carb Loading Tuesday Mexican food. Strategic carbohydrate intake from rice in the correct amounts, combined with lean protein and good dietary fat sources supports the fat loss success of our clients. Traditional carb loading techniques developed by bodybuilders use too much carbohydrate from the wrong sources which causes body fat gains.

Carb Loading Tuesday Mexican Food

Eating the same food choices with the same amounts and macronutrient ratios causes progress plateaus. Macronutrient cycling on Carb Loading Tuesday prevents metabolic staleness, lowers harmful stress hormones, improves energy, increases feelings of well-being and naturally optimizes fat burning hormones.

The Alpha Omega M3 proprietary ratios of EPA/DHA (fish oil), CLA, GLA, ALA, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Flaxseed oil within Alpha Omega M3 also help to optimize insulin sensitivity which is a very important hormonal marker. Optimizing insulin sensitivity means the body can respond more favorably to meals by releasing less fat storage hormones.

Alpha Omega M3 is very important with Carb Loading Tuesday Mexican food meals meals. The special ratios of essential fatty acids Dr. Serrano has developed drive raw materials into hungry muscles following training instead of spilling over into fat cells.

Eating the same things every day causes metabolic staleness

Carb Loading Tuesday is a part of the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System developed by Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson based on many years of successful research with clients. We include Mexican white rice with chicken and guacamole during two meals following weight training at least 3 hours apart.

Weight training creates ideal conditions for carb intake

Intense weight training sessions scheduled before meals containing carbohydrate sources are ideal. We design weight training and fat burning interval programs for clients that are specifically geared to fat burning. The high density of these sessions set the stage for carbohydrate intake during two meals following training.

Mexican restaurants serving organic choices are ideal since the protein sources in particular will have a superior dietary fat content. Focus on chicken, wild caught fish and seafood for these meals to support faster rates of digestion. Guacamole is an excellent dietary fat source and goes very well with rice. Beans can also serve as a carbohydrate source on Carb Loading Tuesday.

Add vegetables to the meal to increase dietary fiber such as grilled peppers which are often served with fajitas. Ask the servers to cook vegetables and protein sources in grass fed butter. Avoiding nonstick sprays is important as they contain trans fats which screw up fat cell function.

There are many bad food choices also available at Mexican restaurants unfortunately. Ask the server to remove the chips from the table and not to bring them again.