Carb Loading Tuesday Meal Composition

Carb Loading Tuesday Meal Composition

Learn how to combine the right protein, dietary fat and carbohydrate sources for Carb Loading Tuesday Meal Composition to maximize rates of fat burning. Put together two great tasting carb loading meals following training on Carb Loading Tuesday to spread out the meal contents over a few hours. Spreading out the carb intake over two meals and Alpha Omega M3 helps to keep fat storage hormones in check.

Carb Loading Tuesday Meal Composition

The combination of the right carbohydrate, protein and dietary fats supports metabolic and hormonal benefits that take full advantage of the specific fat burning conditions crated by proper training. Correct post workout nutrition strategies help to boost rates of metabolism and fat burning hormones for the 24-48 hours following every challenging session.*

Why Organic is so important for fat burning

Organically raised protein sources such chicken sausages, baked chicken, turkey, wild caught fish and wild caught seafood are ideal for meals following training with carbohydrate for faster rates of nutrient utilization. Dietary fats from extra virgin olive oil, avocado and grass fed butter help to amplify the benefits of the post training meals containing carbohydrate.

What do your animals eat?

Organically raised animals eat the diet nature intended which helps to improve the nutrient content of the food that ends up your table. Food choices that are free of hormonal and antibiotic treatments are very important. Commercially raised cows are given artificial feeds including a lot of soy. Why soy? Soy is cheap and it makes the cows fatter at faster rates so they earn a higher price at auction.

Avoid Estrogen in Food

Commercially raised cows for example will be given estrogen to make them fatter at auction and these same estrogen injections will end up in the beef! A grass fed cow develops an ideal ratios of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to support your short and long term fat loss goals.