Calorie guidelines for efficient fat loss

Eric Serrano MD explains that caloric intake is not an exact science as the amount of calories consumed impacts people differently based on many individual circumstances.

Not call calories were created equal. The body will respond much differently to 100 calories worth of oatmeal vs. 100 calories of broccoli. Both items are carbohydrate and present an equal amount of calories, however the body responds differently to each of these food sources.

Caloric intake does impact the amount of body weight lost or gained. Macronutrient percentages of protein, carbohydrate and dietary fat will play a large role in determining the amount of body fat lost or lean muscle accumulated.

Dr. Serrano’s experience helping thousands of clients have helped him to conclude that females are more sensitive to caloric intake then men when trying to lose body fat.

Female clients who eliminate dairy including whey, casein, cheese, yogurt, and milk will lose body fat at faster rates.