Beating Low Testosterone Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Beating Low Testosterone Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Following seven years of marriage men experience declining testosterone levels as they lose the primal hunting drive according to the clinical work of Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Improving the nutrition, training, supplementation and recovery plans can naturally elevate testosterone levels. Boosting testosterone levels naturally links to quality of life, ideal body composition, daily energy and elevated mental performance. Beating Low Testosterone Dr. Eric Serrano MD is a common topic of conversation with patients.

Beating Low Testosterone Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Testosterone levels can drop for many reasons including lack of sleep, over training, low organic saturated fat intake, consumption of polyunsaturated fats, too much steady state cardio vascular exercise and more. Beating Low Testosterone Dr. Eric Serrano MD takes a comprehensive approach and is not an over night process.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD eating to correct Low T

Increase consumption of organic saturated fats from grass fed beef and French Fries made with organic lard to naturally drive up testosterone levels. Dr. Eric Serrano MD adds Alpha Omega M3 to his meals to optimize insulin levels especially following training to naturally peak anabolism and to drive raw materials into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells.

Over training kills progress

Low testosterone levels can indicate over training, however the testosterone to cortisol ratio can be a better measurement to determine over training. Over training is one of the most common reasons people who are working hard fail to reach their goals. The total amount of training volume exceeds the capacity to recover which causes a hormonal mess.

Chem 7 test

Evaluating Sodium and Potassium ratios is a good way to evaluate overtraining as well according to the extensive clinical work performed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD over the last 31 years practicing medicine.

Low Testosterone Solutions

No more than 4 weight training session of 50 minutes or less each week

Increase organic saturated and monounsaturated dietary fat intake

Improve sleep quality with Fat Reduce FBO5 Night time formula

Keep stress hormones in check with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder around training

Perform Interval Sprints instead of steady state cardio

Lower polyunsaturated fat intake

Properly balance protein and dietary fat intake

Reduce stress levels

Talk to your doctor about the impact medications have on testosterone