Band Resisted Sit Up 1

Band Resisted Sit Up 1

Band Resisted Sit Up 1 turns a basic exercise into a highly productive movement with added tension. Gradually the band tension and distance from the origin point of the band can increase to make this exercise more challenging. A contraction of two seconds or longer in the fully contracted position on top adds tremendous difficulty to the exercise.

Band Resisted Sit Up 1

Keeping the arms in the proper position requires tremendous focus throughout the entire set. Avoid cranking the neck forward especially during the top portion of the rep. Focus on keeping the neck in a neutral position and keeping the tension on the core musculature.

Anchor Your Feet

Sand Bags are the perfect tool for anchoring the feet into a stable position throughout the set. Sand conforms to the shape of the feet making the position much more comfortable to maintain during the set.

Band Resisted Sit up 1
Chance pauses on the top of the rep in an isometric fashion for two seconds which is noted as the last number in the speed of movement sequence of 3-1-x-2. 3 seconds from the top position to the bottom with the back touching the floor. 1 second pause on bottom of the movement followed by an explosive concentric to go up to the top of the rep. Chance uses the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder around all of his training sessions to accelerate recovery while improving body composition.

Speed of Movement

Every repetition has a timing assigned to maximize the benefits of every set. The Band Resisted Sit Up 1 can use a variety of speed of movement options pending the client needs. For example coming up explosively has a different effect than a slower execution. At times a combination of rep timing sequences are needed within the same training session for an advanced trainee.