Around the World Lunge

Around the world lunges are a special sequence developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD many years ago to improve lower body development and body composition. Female and male patients were looking for an exercise sequence great for lower body development while lowering body fat levels. Combining a set with all three movements supports a high level of lactic acid which is a precursor to growth hormone. Growth hormone is a powerful fat burning hormone.

The static, side and backward lunges are excellent lower body exercises Dr. Serrano often suggests to patients. In this case performing the static lunge, side lunge and rear step lunge counts as one repetition for the purposes of our programs. Perform the number of repetitions listed with each leg.

Performing all three movements during one set sequence is very challenging and will require a great deal of concentration to support proper form and speed of repetition execution. Towards the middle of the entire sequence the level of difficulty will increase dramatically. Advanced clients may increase the challenge by using a weighted vest or dumbbells.