Alternating Chest Press

Alternating Chest Press

Hold one dumbbell in the top position and aim to push it through the roof during the Alternating Chest Press. The other arm does two reps as normal. Then switch and repeat the sequence with the other arm. This is an excellent technique for increasing blood flow to the chest muscles.


Alternating Chest Press

During the video Scott Mendelson performs two reps before alternating arms. The sequence is repeated a total of four times as Dr. Eric Serrano provides a spot for safety during the set.

12 week personalized weight training and nutrition program clients will see that the number of total reps performed will be listed within the six week training phase sheet.

A foam roller is used on the bench to increase the range of motion. Only advanced trainees should use the foam roller and they must have a skilled spotter in place.

Alternating Chest Press provides fresh stimuli for the muscles as well as the nervous system. Trainees who go into the gym and repeat the same exercises over and over will not reach their full potential as the body becomes very efficient at adapting to frequently used exercises.

The Alternating Chest Press stimulates the core muscles do to the uneven natural of the movement. This exercise takes time to learn with several warm up sets. 12 week personalized weight training and nutrition program clients will aim to increase the weight load with proper form over the course of each 6 week training program.

Fatigue can cause the dumbbell in the top position to move lower towards the chest. Concentrate on keeping the dumbbell in place with a five degree elbow bend throughout the sequence which ads to the strategic challenge.

The example shown in the video uses a thirty degree incline setting. Other incline angles or a flat position can be used for this exercise depending on the client individual needs and goals.