Advanced 24 HD Training Tactics

24 High Density Training advanced tactics sessions include 1 1/4 executions. Adding an extra 1/4 to the weakest range of motion for horizontal pressing and pulling movements provides fresh stimuli for the nervous system.

Experienced trainees must have a constant flow of strategic variety to prevent staleness and to keep the body progressing quickly. The maturity of the nervous system enables the body to adapt very quickly to exercises, rep amounts, repetition speeds, rest periods and more. We include strategic progressions every 2 to 3 weeks for our personalized training and nutrition plan clients to keep progress moving!

1 1/4 reps are one example of a special execution we use to add 25% more work to every rep within the weakest range of motion. The range of motion near the chest at the start of the rep for pressing movements and the same area at the end of the rep for pulling movements is most often the weakest range of motion that needs more attention.