3 Position Band Core Complex

3 Position Band Core Complex

Turn your core training into interval sprints with short rest periods between six back to back sets. Perform each band rotation to capture the attention of your obliques from different angles. Each position is done for the right and left sides for a total of six action packed sets during the 3 Position Band Core Complex.*

3 Position Band Core Complex

High tension bands offer the unique opportunity to increase the difficulty of every rep at critical stages. The end of the end of each rep is more challenging than the starting point as the band builds more tension when stretched.* Our Personalized weight training, interval sprint and nutrition program clients use a wide variety of band circuits at home to improve core conditioning.

Core training sprints

GCX10 Physique and Performance enhancer is designed to attack stubborn fat while improving explosive sprinting power. The scientifically engineered blend of lactoferrin, ATP and Glycine is ideal to be used thirty minutes before core training sprint sessions to improve Six Pack development.*

Fast twitch muscle fibers

Bands support explosive core movements which are ideal for stimulating the internal and external oblique muscles which are fast twitch dominant. Proper oblique development is very important for all athletic activities. Unfortunately traditional “ab training” does little for the obliques while creating muscle imbalances leading to back pain.*

Activate fat burning hormones

Interval sprints can increase fat burning hormones significantly even with very short sessions due to their high levels of intensity. Band core circuits with minimal rest between exercises will build up lactic acid which are precursor for the powerful fat burning hormone- growth hormone. Jessica Serrano is working hard and breathing very heavily by the middle of the set which lasted close to two minutes.*


high tension band work is not appropriate for novice trainees or anyone with a history of back pain or trunk related injuries. Only use bands specifically designed for these types of exercises to avoid injury. Anchor bands properly to a stable surface for safety.