3 Execution Lat Pull Down

3 Execution Lat Pull Down

3 Execution Lat Pull Down sets provide fresh stimuli for the muscles and the nervous system. Keep the trap muscles down in a retracted position to support proper form in a vertical pulling position. Do not lean back during the set to accommodate more weight load.

3 Execution Lat Pull Down

The first phase includes 8 repetitions at a controlled repetition speed to minimize the benefits of momentum which increases the challenge with each set.

3 execution lat pull down

Holding the strategic pause at eye level for 15 seconds is a great opportunity to increase fat burning hormone levels and to stimulate a wide cross section of muscle fibers during 3 phase execution sets. Sipping 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before training provide the muscles with powerful fuel sources during training, accelerate recovery and set the raw material foundation for excellent body transformations.

The second phase is a strategic pause for 15 seconds in this particular video at the level of the eyeballs. The length of the strategic pause can be adjusted for individual client needs and goals in many ways in addition to the exact pause position. Keep the traps down during the pause while focusing on engagement of the back muscles. The strategic pause will also challenge grip strength especially when using a thicker grip attachment.

Finally the 3 Execution Lat Pull Down will finish with twenty reps at a faster pace while still focusing on proper form. You may not be able to execute the entire 20 reps which is ok especially during the first or second week of a new program. Record the number of reps achieved and the weight load so you can aim to top this performance during the following week.

The weight load should not be artificially low for the first two phases of the set to make the third phase of 20 reps easier. Each individual trainee will be different in regards to how many reps can be achieved during the third phase based on muscle fiber type dominance, nervous system efficiency, prior injuries, nutrition, supplementation, conditioning levels and more.