3 Dimensional Force Curl Complex

3 Dimensional Force Curl Complex

The most challenging curl movements you have ever imagined are now available to you. All you need to do is find a training partner and take action in the gym. Dr. Eric Serrano MD demonstrates another one of his wicked training inventions. 3 Dimensional Force Curl Complex

3 Dimensional Force Curl Complex

The first force dimension comes from lifting the dumbbells on an incline with a long head of the biceps emphasis high finish point. Squeezing the heads of the dumbbells together to hold the 2.5 pound plate in place is extremely difficult and will have your forearms screaming by the second rep. Every ounce of the 2.5 pounds feels exponentially heavier in this specific position.

Make the nervous system work better

Dr. Serrano taps the dumbbells randomly which ads difficulty to the normal execution of the rep by adding a small amount of load. However holding the 2.5 pound in place when one dumbbell is contacted at random becomes very difficult as the set progresses.

The nervous system response to increase strength is simply amazing. Harnessing the power of the nervous system is one of the elements that differentiates those who earn excellent vs. only average results.

Close your eyes

No this is not a nightmare. Closing your eyes makes each randomized tap impossible to anticipate as you will not see it coming. This adds to the contraction intensity in my opinion as the set was being conducted.

Bring on the Hammer Curls

After 4 to 6 reps with the palms facing the ceiling we shift right away to a hammer grip with the palms facing each other. Following 4 to 6 more reps remove the 2.5 pound plate that you will be struggling to hold in place to do 4 to 6 more reps with only the dumbbell load.

The big finish

The amazing response of the nervous system made a 40 pound dumbbell feel light at the end of the workout during a standing dumbbell curl. Yes a standing dumbbell curl is a much easier exercise than the specialized movements described above. However the fatigue built over three work sets should have had us completely wiped out, yet we are able to crank out quality reps with a lower skill movement to recruit even more muscle fibers with a great potential for growth.