20-15-10 Multi Grip Row Complex

20-15-10 Multi Grip Row Complex

20-15-10 Multi Grip Row Complex utilizes three different grips to properly target the back muscles during a highly dense set. Starting with the weakest grip and finishing with the strongest grip helps to fix muscle imbalances and creates pre fatigue for the last part of the set.

20-15-10 Multi Grip Row Complex

Set the adjustable bench at a 30 degree incline for all three phases of the set. Chest should rest against the bench in a comfortable position while the knees have an athletic bend with feet flat on the floor. The finish point for every rep is very important. A full contraction should be experienced on top of the movement with the db touching a certain point of the body to ensure a full range of motion.

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Under hand grip row

The first grip will be under hand with the palms facing the ceiling for 20 reps. This is typically the weakest grip for a majority of people which is why it is done first in the sequence. The dumbbell should touch the hips on top of every rep. Squeeze the lats in the top position and emphasize the lower portion of the latissimus dorsi muscle. Immediately move on to the next phase of the set with only 10 seconds rest.

Semi neutral grip row

The second grip will be semi neutral with the palms facing towards the floor for 15 reps. Bring the dumbbells to the middle of the rib cage on the top of every reps which should have a distinctly different feel than the prior under hand grip. Again contract the lats on top of every rep to gain the most benefits from every set. Rest 10 seconds before proceeding to the final phase of the 20-15-10 Multi Grip Row Complex.

Neutral grip row

Finally the last grip will be a neutral grip which is most likely the strongest of the three grips. Pull the top of the dumbbells to approximately the bottom rib which may be a lower finishing point to what most trainees are accustom. It is perfectly normal for this execution to feel different and may require a reduction in weight load to support the proper form.

Weight load selection

The first week of the 20-15-10 Multi Grip Row Complex will include some trial and error with weight load selection which is perfectly fine. Use a warm up set to get an idea of the weight load that should be used for the work sets. It is ok to change the weight load for any of the three different grips. Use the most challenging possible weight load for each grip while executing the proper form.