20-15-10 Lat Pull Down Complex

20-15-10 Lat Pull Down Complex

Three specific grip variations are utilized during 20-15-10 Lat Pull Down Complex. A traditional lat pull down grip with the palms facing away from the body will be used for the first grip. The grip placement without wrapping the thumb around the bar is best to avoid joint stress according to Dr. Eric Serrano MD who has successfully treated many patients for elbow pain.

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20-15-10 Lat Pull Down Complex

Execute 20 perfect reps for the thumbless grip lat pull down with an emphasis on keep the traps in a down position. Keep at least ten degrees of elbow flexion on the top of each rep to minimize elbow stress. Squeeze the lats on the bottom of every rep while keeping a vertical pulling position. In other words do not lean backward to gain a mechanical advantage during the set.

Immediately change the grip to an under hand grip with the palms facing you for 15 reps. The elbows should come to the bottom of the lats approximately for a full range of motion. Do not lean backward and concentrate on keeping the traps down during the entire movement. It is only possible to maintain the traps down position with a constant focus on the proper form. On top of the rep keep at least a ten degree bend in the elbows to minimize joint stress.

Neutral grip lat pull down

The final grip position will require a change to a neutral grip handle so both palms can face each other. The neutral grip pull down grip is the strongest grip for most trainees which is why it is placed last in the sequence. Bring the elbows to the bottom of the rib cage while contracting the lats. This 10 rep set will be extremely difficult considering the pre fatigue built from the prior two grip phases.

It is ok to use a break set approach to accomplish all ten reps. For example if you feel failure approaching by rep 6, then pause the set for 20 seconds and resume to get the remaining four reps with perfect form.