Fitness Tips

Smoking Biceps and Triceps

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Execute the Smoking Biceps and Triceps routine at the bottom of this article and you will quickly understand the source of the title by the feeling in your arms. This action packed workout can be modified based on client individual needs to prioritize body fat loss or muscle growth. Female trainees looking for shapely arms can take advantage of the short rest periods to maximize the release of fat burning hormones. The unique angles and exercise executions offer fresh stimuli crucial for success.

Smoking Biceps and Triceps training transformation strategies

  • Finishing set executions
  • Muscle fiber accumulation
  • Pre fatiguing strategies
  • Fresh exercise stimuli
  • Long of the biceps targeting
  • Surging fat burning hormones

Get serious about your transformation

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Smoking Biceps and Triceps

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Long of the biceps targeting

Most biceps training over emphasizes the short head of the muscle with common exercises. Seated incline curl positions target the long head to develop a fuller muscle. Starting the three movement complexes with the hardest exercises creates pre fatigue conditions for the second and third exercises which further improves development.

Accumulating muscle fibers for significant growth

Stimulating muscle growth starts with “damaging” muscle fibers so they will regrow to be larger during the recovery process. The muscle recovery process starts immediately following the set with nutrients available in the blood stream. So the question becomes how to stimulate more fibers during training with quick access to the perfect growth materials.

Cash flow for the muscles

Just like a thriving business needing a steady steam of cash. Hard working muscles need a near constant access to a s specific ratio of amino acids to maximize rates of growth and recovery. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis deliver the ideal raw material ratios developed by Dr. Serrano when sipped before, during and immediately after training to take full advantage of the opportunities created during highly intense training sessions.

Twenty seconds rest following the 75 degree incline curl to the 45 degree incline curl allows fewer muscle fibers to recover between sets in comparison to a 60 second rest period. As a result the 45 degree incline curl can “damage” a different portion of muscles fibers than usual. Another twenty second break before the seated curl creates more muscle fiber exposure during this final phase of the three movement complex.

Embrace the burn

Challenging weight loads, controlled rep speeds, and short rest between sets drives up lactic acid which is responsible for the burning feeling within the muscles. Lactic acid is a precursor to the all mighty fat burning catalyst- Growth Hormone. Dr. Serrano’s proprietary ingredient ratios built into the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis lay the perfect raw material foundation to regenerate muscles during training while increase the burning of stored fat as fuel.*

Finishing set techniques

Applying a finishing set technique to the third exercise in each complex will help you gain the most benefits out of every challenging training session. After failing during rep 6 during the seated curl you can stand out to gain more leverage and finish the set with 6 additional grueling reps. The final triceps exercise offers the unique opportunity to break the set into two parts so that one arm is working to the max while the other gets a short rest period.

Smoking Biceps and Triceps

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Triceps tactics

The biceps training complex difficulty imposes significant neurological demand. As a result we chose strategic cable movements to target the triceps. Pay close attention to the proper body position during the triceps movements to keep valuable tension the muscles instead of the joints. We performed several pressing movements during another upper body workout during this particular week. The triceps respond very well to pressing movements, however repeating these elements twice in a week is not productive.

No more flabby arms

New female clients often complain about flab hanging on to their arms. In addition to reducing overall body fat levels the arm muscles must be properly trained to improve muscle tone. Resulting improvements in body composition deliver frim arms fit for the beach. We have never seen a female client accidentally develop overly muscular arms. Erase from your mind everything you have heard from infomercials, talk shows and magazines regarding weight training for females.

A1.75 Deg Incline curl(3-4)(5-6)4-2-1-120
A2.45 Deg Incline curl(3-4)(5-6)3-1-1-120
A3.Seated Curl*(3-4)(10-12)2-1-1-175
B1. High Cable supinated triceps kick back(3-4)(5-6)3-1-1-220
B2.Side position cable triceps kick back(3-4)(5-6)3-1-1-220
B3.Unilateral pronated cable triceps push down^(3-4)(10-12)3-1-1-175

Special executions:

*break set into two parts- half reps seated and rest standing

^6 reps with left arm, 6 reps with right arm, 6 reps with left arm and finally 6 reps with right arm to complete one set.

Form notes:

During the seated curl movements look straight ahead by picking a visual focus spot on the ceiling. Do not flex the neck forward during the exercise. On the bottom of the curl keep at least 10 degrees of flexion in the elbows to prevent unnecessary joint stress.

Use an athletic knee position during the triceps exercises and keep the chest upright. Do not lean forward during the triceps movements which otherwise can overstress the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Start each triceps exercise with the weaker arm.