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Ischemic Arm Training

Scientific Training Builds Up Your Biceps and Triceps in Just 6 Weeks

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Ischemic strength training is one of many advanced tactics we use to help clients increase lean muscle and strength while slashing body fat levels. Making muscles work harder for longer in a strategic fashion during your sets will result in significantly faster rates of progress.*

Ischemic strength training

Dr. Eric Serrano MD has developed a wide variety of ischemic strength training techniques based on several years of experimentation in the gym working athletes, bodybuilders and injured patients. We will expand on the scientific reasoning behind this revolutionary training technique in a future article and video series.

Flood your arm muscles with the desired raw materials

Imagine a standard curl execution as a small pumping mechanism to circulate nutrients into the muscle by way of increased blood flow. Ischemic training would more greatly resemble a shoulder fired muscle in this regard as it drives a huge volume of blood into the muscle to support the unique training demands. Take full advantage by filling the blood stream with the proprietary ratios of amino acids within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to support a significant accumulation of new hard earned muscle.*

Ischemic Arm Training

Ischemic training presents the perfect time to start the GCX10 to fire up peak power and strength endurance when you need it most. The unique ingredient matrix attacks stubborn fat and drives muscle accumulation through multiple proven pathways. Cranking out more high quality reps with higher weight loads is a proven recipe for more muscle and less body fat.*

Thinking beyond the first week of training

A fresh training approach should get you excited especially if you are an experienced trainee. Looking beyond the first week of training is crucial to maximize rates of muscle growth and body fat loss. We build strategic progressions into every six week program for our personalized program clients. Progressions can include changing the exercise execution, number of sets, number of reps, tempos, rest periods and more. *

Evaluating client weight loads and other feedback often requires additional program changes to be made to support the fasted possible rates of client progress. Years of experience supporting clients earn great arms helps us make the right program adjustments.

Improvement matters

During the videos Scott H. Mendelson mentions the importance of beating the week one performance during week two by improving on the number of reps during the strip set. The weight load should increase incrementally while executing the proper form and tempos during the six week program as well especially when using the GCX10 30 minutes before training sessions. The staggering amount of ATP within the GCX10 can increase peak power and strength endurance to ensure the first set of ischemic work does not crush you right then and there.*

Ischemic Triceps Training

Ischemic arm training creates massive muscle pumps. Take full advantage by flooding working muscles with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis, before, during and immediately after sessions to provide the ideal ratios of raw materials needed for accelerated muscle growth and repair.*

This arm routine video filmed in Dublin Ireland will improve biceps and triceps development quickly. Ischemic strength training creates tremendous demands on the muscles as well as the nervous system making accelerating recovery of vital importance.

In fact the training routine below will be very challenging and can cause muscle break down if the right recovery conditions are not in place. We highly recommend the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to be sipped 30 minutes before, during and immediately after training to ensure that you maximize your benefits from ischemic strength training.*

Two sets does not seem like enough work

Do not be deceived by what seems to be an easy training session based on the low number of sets. Two sets of ischemic training will feel like you have done four of the toughest sets of your life.

Ischemic training executions do not require more than two sets per movement in a majority of cases to create a great training effect. The ferocity of these methods make it very easy to over train so we would not recommend increasing the number of sets listed below.

The strip sets following the ischemic work take full advantage of the conditions created by the first couple sets of the training session. A large number of muscle fibers are exposed during the ischemic sets making the strip sets well timed to stimulate a broad cross section of muscle fibers.

A1.Ischemic Preacher curl2(4-6)3-1-1-110
A2.Preacher DB curl2(6-8)3-1-1-175
B1.Ischemic Supinated Kick back2(4-6)3-1-1-210
B2.Supinated triceps kick back2(6-8)3-1-1-175
Strip sets
C1.Seated Long Head curl3(4-6)3-2-1-110
C2Seated Long Head curl3(6-8)3-1-1-175
D1.Neutral grip kick backs3(4-6)3-1-1-210
D2.Neutral grip kick backs3(6-8)3-1-1-175