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Fat Burning Salad

Teach the body to burn more stored fat as fuel with Dr. Serrano’s special fat burning salad.

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Dr. Serrano and Scott H. Mendelson finished a very challenging training session Thursday June 9 and opted for a much different approach to post workout nutrition to maximize fat burning and rates of recovery. The food choices had to be made wisely with tough training sessions scheduled for Friday as well as Saturday.

Fat Burning Salad

A combination of organic dietary fat choices combined with Alpha Omega M3 primes the body to burn more stored fat as fuel. The proprietary blend of essential fats within the Alpha Omega M3 cleanses fat cells and optimizes insulin sensitivity.

Fat Burning Salad Benefits

  • Boosts fat burning enzymes*
  • Naturally optimizes fat burning hormones*
  • lubricates joints*
  • Increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel during the critical time period following exercise.*
  • Prevents metabolic staleness as a macronutrient cycling tactic*

The weekly trip to the sushi restaurant typically consists of special rice preparations and sushi without fried ingredients or mayo. A large selection of fish and seafood provides strategic food choice variety which is very important for avoiding food allergies/intolerance and sensitivities.

The Fat Burning Salad composed primarily of organically raised dietary fat sources primes fat burning through several pathways while tasting absolutely great.


  • Grass fed beef bacon or organically raised pork bacon
  • Bacon grease and grass fed butter right from the pan as warm dressing.
  • Avocado
  • Hard boiled or fried cage free whole eggs
  • Pistachios or other raw nuts
  • Organic mozzarella cheese
  • Lettuce and other green vegetables
  • Add organic protein choices as needed

A hot cup of coffee with heavy whipping cream works very well at this time as well to support fat burning. Warm dietary fat choices have demonstrated the ability to support accelerated fat burning.*

Yes the Fat Burning Salad fits perfectly into a high calorie day strategy every 7 to 14 days pending the client needs. High calorie days are designed to sky rocket metabolism, fat burning enzymes while optimizing fat burning hormones. The Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition system has been highly successful for our clients over the last few months and includes high calorie days as part of a broader strategy.*

30 minutes before training to maximize fat burning, muscle repair and performance.*

2-4 scoops 100% MR

2-4 scoops Muscle Synthesis Powder

combined together into the same drink with ice cold water

4-8 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules

Immediately following training to provide highly efficient building blocks to accelerate recovery and significantly reduce muscle soreness.*

2-4 scoops 100% MR

2-4 scoops Muscle Synthesis Powder

Combined together into the same drink with ice cold water

Protein powders offer too little, too late

Conventional wisdom would point to consuming a high amount of protein immediately following training to support muscle repair. We are anything but conventional and aim to find the most effective protocols. The Fat Burning Salad can contain a high amount of protein along with healthy fats, but the fast acting nutrients needed post training are provided asap by the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder.*

Perfected Amino Acids ratios that actually reach muscles are crucial

The whole point of consuming protein powders, bars and other high protein sources immediately post training is to obtain amino acids quickly. Dr. Serrano scientifically engineered the special amino acid ratios within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to deliver the ideal raw material for starving muscles post training. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis bypass the digestive hang ups that destroy much of what protein powders claim to provide.*

A protein shake post workout alone does not do the job, during training you pump blood into the muscles to act as a nutrient super highway to carry in raw materials. Drinking a shake following training will draw blood away from the muscles and into the stomach to support digestion which deteriorates much of the raw material value and slows down the delivery of nutrients. *

Timing is critical and there is no time to spare post workout. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis efficiently deliver the raw materials needed as they bypass digestion barriers and get right into the blood stream to take advantage of the hormonal and metabolic conditions created by training.*