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Fat Burning Connections

We build powerful fat burning connections between nutrition, weight training, interval sprint and recovery protocols to maximize body transformation success. Head turning results only come when the overall program is properly integrated to fit the client needs. For example the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System creates perfect metabolic and hormonal conditions for the 25-15-10-5 training plan to liberate a huge amount of body fat to be burned as fuel.*

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Fat Burning connections

Building Powerful Fat Burning Connections between Exercise and nutrition programs is absolutely critical for maximizing body transformation progress.

Fat Burning Connections

Alpha Omega M3 specialized essential fatty acid ratios can help the body respond better to every meal by optimizing insulin sensitivity and cleansing fat cells. Mastering the hormonal and metabolic systems response to meals is a well kept secret for unmatched fat burning success and a long term lean body.*

Deplete glycogen levels

Aggressive 60 nutrition strategies deplete glycogen (stored carbohydrate) to make stored fat more accessible as an energy source during training and around the clock. 25-15-10-5 is a high density training strategy which takes full advantage of low glycogen levels to attack a greater percentage of stored fat as a fuel source during every training session.*

Minimize Fat Storage hormones

Optimized insulin levels supported by the Aggressive 60 fat loss nutrition system enable working muscles to burn more stored fat as fuel during highly intense 25-15-10-5 training sessions. Short rest periods combined with a high training volume have demonstrated the ability to further improve insulin sensitivity.  Keeping insulin levels in check throughout the day and night is very important as insulin is the most potent fat storage hormone.*

Bad metabolic and digestive responses to protein powders

Consuming whey protein, casein and other irritating ingredients before training can cause “allergic reactions” which in turn spike fat storage hormones including insulin. Over time food allergies, irritations and intolerances are built when consuming the same food ingredients over and over again. The poor responses can present as difficulty losing body fat, low energy, low muscle retention, joint pain, digestive distress and more. Dairy based protein shakes are one of the worst offenders and can lead to elevated insulin levels which negate many of the positive effects from training.*

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder Fat Burning Connections

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder help to increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel during exercise and between meals. Dr. Serrano scientifically engineered the exclusive ingredient ratios to improve performance during highly challenging sessions while accelerating multiple elements of recovery.*

Build up the Strategic Reserve of Amino Acids within Muscles

The proprietary free form amino acid ratios within Muscle Synthesis Powder consumed between meals and around training with the 100% MR supports highly favorable macronutrient partitioning. Shifting the partitioning of macronutrients means the body will choose to burn stored fat at higher rates throughout the day and night.*

Organic dietary fat source benefits

A significant dietary fat intake from organically raised sources as a part of the A60 system is highly anabolic in nature which leads to the utilization of more stored fat as fuel during exercise. A naturally anabolic status for men and women drives excellent exercise performance which in turn boosts rates of fat burning higher for longer periods of time following every well planned training session. Earning the full benefit of every 25-15-10-4 training session requires.*

High calorie day peak fat burning opportunities

Weight training on the high calorie day built into the A60 fat loss nutrition system creates a unique fat burning opportunity through multiple proven pathways. Elevated levels of fat burning enzymes from the consumption of excellent fat sources on the high calorie day sets the stage for the most potent fat burning training session of the week. This is also a great opportunity for men who want to gain muscle while losing body fat.*

Protein sparing strategies

The proper balance of carbohydrate, dietary fat and protein intake creates a “protein sparing effect” to protect hard earned muscle. These same pathways force the body to use more stored fat and carbohydrate as fuel sources. Protein sparing conditions makes more protein building blocks available to repair and accelerate the growth of new muscle.

Female long term low body fat levels tied to muscle sparing

Sparing protein is crucial for men who want to gain muscle while losing body fat. However muscle sparing benefits are often overlooked by women who are too focused only on scale weight. Every pound of hard earned muscle is metabolically active and contributes to a firm physique. Each pound of muscle burns a significant amount of calories on a daily basis helping to lower body fat levels and keep them low long term for our female clients.*

Clients wanting to gain muscle while losing body fat must pay specific attention to this area of opportunity. Loading muscles with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis powder before, during and after training sessions capitalize on these conditions to create significant muscle growth opportunities. *