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Dr. Eric Serrano MD Seminar

See Dr. Eric Serrano MD live Montreal Canada June 4 and 5 2016

Learn cutting edge training and nutrition protocols to maximize your success.

Sign up and submit questions for Dr. Serrano to answer during the seminar. Bring client case study questions and more for Dr. Eric Serrano MD a leading expert in the fields of nutrition, weight training, injury rehab, supplementation and medicine. See Dr. Serrano’s bio and accomplishments.

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$499 attendance fee. Space will be limited to 18 people.

Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

Macronutrient cycling protocols to break metabolic staleness, increase fat burning/muscle building enzymes and to naturally optimize hormones.*

High Calorie Day protocols to maximize body fat loss during aggressive nutrition plans.*

Pre and post workout nutrition guidelines to maximize performance, rates of recovery and fat burning.*

Modified fasting techniques to accelerate fat burning while optimizing insulin sensitivity.*

Identifying food allergies and irritations to support beneficial nutrition plan improvements.*

Reviving metabolism following long term low calorie plans.*

Highly effective fat burning supplementation protocols.*

KISS Fat Loss Nutrition System Implementation and refinements.*


Dr. Eric Serrano MD instructing the W Shoulder Press

Dr. Eric Serrano MD instructing the W Shoulder Press

Muscle Growth Nutrition Protocols

The 2 Post workout Meal Solution for maximizing muscle growth and recovery without body fat accumulation.*

Manipulating dietary fats to boost anabolism naturally.*

Perfecting meal frequency and structure for massive muscle growth.*

Pre competition nutrition schemes for peak levels of competition performance.*

Post workout carbohydrate sources and amount guidelines for individual needs and goals.*

Shifting meal frequency to optimize muscle growth without bod fat accumulation.*

Weight Training Techniques

Ischemic strength training for maximal muscle growth and injury rehab.*

Unique posterior training exercises and manual resistance adjustments.*

High density training systems to maximize fat burning.*

Top exercises leading to injury alternatives.*

Accumulating muscle fibers for superior muscle growth.*

Fresh training stimuli for increasing muscle fiber recruitment.*

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Dr. Serrano does not provide medical advice. Consult your doctor before making any changes to your training, nutrition or supplement program.