Fitness Tips

Cruise Fit Vacation

A cruise is a great opportunity to take a family vacation while supporting fitness related goals. There are bad as well as good food choices available at every meal, like many situations in life, success or failure comes down to making good decisions. The Fantasy ship had a well above average gym with adequate equipment for a week of training. There are many other exercise opportunities available on and off the ship.

By: Scott H. Mendelson

Disney Cruise Ship

A cruise offers many opportunities to make great food choices and to exercise frequently.

Cruises have become known for endless buffets and excessive alcohol consumption. Food is available on most cruises nearly 24×7. The Disney Cruise line does have a buffet, but sit down restaurants with a wide variety of excellent food choices are always available. The wait staff will do whatever they can to take good care of your needs with every meal. Substitutions of food sources, a different sauce, or even a double portion of lobster all just a matter of your request.

Make great food choices on a cruise

Sure on a vacation you can take the opportunity to consume a few desserts, but going hog wild for an entire week will pile on body fat fast. Bad food choices and low activity levels will set you up to leave a vacation feeling sluggish with a ton of regret. Make up your mind to make your vacations a success and take memorable pictures featuring a great physique.


6 Strategies for preventing body fat accumulation during a Cruise.

  • Avoid buffets to minimize contact with bad food choices and to limit portion sizes.
  • Get up every morning and walk on the outdoor track for 30 minutes to wake up and activate metabolism.
  • Consume 3 Alpha Omega M3 with every meal to interfere with body fat accumulation and to keep fat storage hormones in check even when diet is less than perfect. *
  • Consider eating two meals with a snack instead of 3 full meals
  • Set a firm time to weight train or to perform intervals on selected days to make sure the sessions get completed before obligations take you elsewhere.
  • Limit refined food intake to prevent out of control hunger and low energy levels