Fitness Tips

Cruise exercise opportunities

A cruise offers many exercise opportunities to make sure you get the most out of your vacation experience. Cruises known for many food options can present a challenge for those who are actively trying to lose body fat. Making the right exercise choices will not take up much time, improve your energy levels throughout the day and reduce cravings for refined foods.

Ocean View

Look great on the beach and on the sunny decks during your cruise vacation.

By: Scott H. Mendelson

Cruise exercise strategies

Disney Cruise benefits that facilitate great exercise opportunities

  • Childcare from 7 am to midnight every day means watching your kids will not keep you out of the gym.
  • 15 decks on the ship means you can choose to take the stairs for extra activity throughout the day.
  • Sports deck activities include basketball and other sports where you enjoy some fun competition out in the sun.
  • Excellent walking or running track on deck 4 of the ship.
  • Highly active shore excursions such as water sports, walking tours and more.
  • Near constant entertainment including pools, activities, movies and theatrical shows to prevent eating out of sheer boredom.
cruise deck track

Walks or sprints on the track are an excellent way to start the day.

Weight training sessions should always emphasize quality over quantity. I design personalized weight training programs for clients which take less than fifty minutes four times per week. Ideally due to a higher than normal food intake clients can also perform two interval sprint sessions during a seven-night cruise. Interval sessions should not be longer than thirty minutes.

Get a game going

Staying highly active on a cruise helps to prevent body fat accumulation.

The Disney Fantasy ship gym has three adjustable benches and a great selection of dumbbells that can be used to form a variety of supersets. A wide selection of cardio machines are available facing the ocean. There were more than enough machines as I never saw a line to wait for any machines. Instructor led classes are available daily which is a good way to set an appointment for exercise.