Fitness Tips

Battle Rep 88 Training

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Crank out 88 strategically beneficial reps in 28 minutes to maximize muscle fiber stimulation and fat burning hormone levels for the next 48 hours. Three short weight training and two interval sprint sessions per week can send men and women into fat burning overdrive. Working extremely hard and smart will be worth the investment to support excellent transformations just in time for Summer.*

Advanced training techniques are crucial for delivering the summer body of your dreams. Razor sharp abs, reduced stubborn fat and high energy are within your reach.*

  • Multiple Incline and grip position to balance muscle development*
  • Extended negative reps
  • Finishing sets for unrivaled fat burning
  • Finishing sets for massive muscle growth
  • Accurate weight load selection
  • High density rest period management

Why train for an hour when you can be more productive in 28 minutes?

28 minutes may not seem very tough, but clients report excellent stimulation and challenge within the first few minutes of the training session. High density training sessions serve as an excellent contrast to longer training sessions. Shorter training sessions can minimize the stress hormone release responsible for belly fat deposition, muscle wasting and low energy levels.*

Battle Rep Training for a great Summer body

Thriving during battle rep sessions takes more than just high motivation levels. Sip the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis, before, during and immediately after training to maximize your fat burning, muscle growing, performance and recovery benefits from every tough training session.*

Stress busting training

Anyone under stress must maximize efficiency to take back control of their fat burning and muscle building potential. We cannot magically make our client stressors disappear, but we can implement tactics to beat the negative impact of stress. Highly time efficient training session relieve stress and send energy levels through the roof to increase work day productivity. Dr. Serrano designed the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas to combat the negative hormonal impact of stress allowing clients to burn off stubborn fat without jitters.*

Three Strategic Sets Per Exercise

Each of the three sets has distinctively different benefits based on the number of reps, tempo (speed of reps) and short rest periods. The 24 controlled paced reps split up into 4 positions create very specific opportunities for the remainder of the training session. The strategic changes made to the number of reps and the negative portion of the reps (lowering phase) during the second and third sets hit the muscles with many fresh stimuli.*

Short rest taxes muscles and pumps up fat burning hormones

Six reps in 4 different stations may not seem very challenging at first look. However with only twenty seconds of rest between stations most trainees are forced to draw from every oz of strength just to finish all four stations.

The incline angles change with every station in the case of the pressing movements while the hand positions are altered for each phase of the chest supported hammer strength row. For most trainees the 88 battle rep routine arrangement below goes from weakest to the strongest position to pre fatigue stronger movement patterns. Each pressing angle or grip position is designed to activate different muscle cross sections to support proper muscle development balance.*

Battle Rep Pressing

GCX10 ingredient lactoferrin attacks stubborn fat while surging peak power and strength endurance without the use of stimulants.(1) key ingredient ATP can double the rate of strength improvement which supports faster physique transformations.(2) Finally Glycine reduces stress levels and improves concentration.*

Short rest periods test your will power

Short rest periods send metabolic activity through the roof due to the near constant state of work. Packing a ton of high quality of work into a short training session window increases the potential for new muscle fiber exposure. The exclusive ratios of ingredients Dr. Serrano developed within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis fight fatigue, increase the burning of stored fat as fuel and lay the raw material foundation for accelerated muscle repair. Sip the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis, before, during and immediately after training to maximize your fat burning, muscle growing, performance and recovery benefits from every tough training session.*

Extended Negative Reps for set 2

The six second lowering phase of each rep will make the set last just under 50 seconds which will feel like an eternity. As a point of reference a set done by Joe average in the gym lasts 20 seconds or less with sloppy form. Controlling the lowering phase of every rep wakes up the nervous system and forces the muscles to engage with greater purpose. The extended set time durations with challenging loading can access a greater number of muscle fibers while driving up lactic acid levels associated with sky high levels of fat burning hormones.*

Pick the right weight load

Picking the right weight load is of critical importance especially for advanced trainees with mature nervous systems from years of trainnig. The body simply does not respond well to the same training programs that were used in the past which lack innovation.

Finishing set Load selection for unmatched fat burning

A greater emphasis is placed on fat burning when using a reduced load for 8-10 reps as the finishing set. We adapt protocols based on individual client needs and goals. The objectives are not to simply burn some calories. Our clients give everything they have left during the fat burning finishing set to prolong a fat burning metabolic fire for the next 48 hours.*

Break set techniques to light the fat burning fire

Use the same challenging weight load for the finishing set that was used during the first 24 rep set. Yes it is highly likely that you will fail before getting 10 reps. Instead of quitting on this fat burning opportunity stop one rep short of failure and pick up a reduced weight load to finish the set. A training partner is essential for motivation, assistance, form instruction and safety.

Finishing the job with heavy doubles for Massive Muscle

By this time your muscles will be highly metabolically active to say the very least. The “pump” from increased blood flow and the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis perfectly assembled raw materials will keep trainees going strong despite the challenges of the first two sets.

Heavy finishing set techniques

Finishing off the exercise with two heavy reps like the video takes full advantage of the conditions created by the work done earlier in the session. Many deep routed muscle fibers can be stimulated which normally are not recruited due to a lack of strategic challenge. These rarely accessed muscle fibers hold the key to significant muscle growth.*

Weights that normally are easy to manage feel like a ton due to the pre fatigue created by the first two sets. This is perfectly normal. The key to recruiting a greater number of muscle fibers is to execute perfect reps under these extreme conditions. During the video Scott H. Mendelson gets 2 reps in the first two pressing stations with 100 pound dumbbells. Opting not to quite Scott picks up 75 pound and finally 50 pound dumbbells to finish the set with proper form.

 Clobber your records the next week for faster progress

We design personalized training programs which feature strategic changes to the number of sets, reps, tempos and rest periods over the course of a six week routine to drive performance progress. Small improvements in weight load from week to week make a huge difference in the bottom line body composition transformation. Accepting the conclusion that you can use the same weight load for 6 weeks and just coast through training is a wasted opportunity.*

Battle Rep Training

A1.60 deg incline DB Press163-1-1-020
A2.45 deg incline DB press163-1-1-020
A3.20 deg Incline DB Press163-1-1-020
A4.Decline DB Press163-1-1-090
B1.60 deg incline DB Press136-1-1-020
B2.45 deg incline DB press136-1-1-020
B3. 20 deg Incline DB Press136-1-1-020
B4.Decline DB Press136-1-1-0120
C1.60 deg incline DB Press122-1-1-020
C2.45 deg incline DB press122-1-1-020
C3.20 deg Incline DB Press122-1-1-020
C4.Decline DB Press122-1-1-0120
D1.HS Row Palms Up163-1-1-120
D2.HS Row (palms down)163-1-1-120
D3.HS Row (High neutral position)*163-1-1-120
D4.HS Row (Low neutral position)^163-1-1-190
E1.HS Row (palms up)136-1-1-120
E2.HS Row (palms down)136-1-1-120
E3.HS Row (High neutral position)*136-1-1-120
E4.HS Row (Low neutral position)^136-1-1-1120
F1.HS Row (palms up)122-1-1-120
F2.HS Row (palms down)122-1-1-120
F3.HS Row (High neutral position)*122-1-1-120
F4.HS Row (Low neutral position)^122-1-1-1120

* Grip on the high portion of the handles with your palms facing each other. The elbows should be even with the top of the rib cage.

^ Grip on the lower portion of the handles with your palms facing other. The elbows should be even with the bottom of the rib cage.

HS means Hammer Strength seated row with chest support. Adjust the seat height appropriately and adjust the weight load to get a full range of motion during the pulling phase of the exercise.

(1) Potent anti-obesity effect of enteric-coated lactoferrin: decrease in visceral fat accumulation in Japanese men and women with abdominal obesity after 8-week administration of enteric-coated lactoferrin tablets. British Journal of Nutrition. 2010 Dec;104(11):1688-95. E publication 2010 Aug 9.

(2)Effects of oral Adenosine-5′- triphosphate (ATP) supplementation on athlete performance, skeletal muscle hypertrophy and recovery in resistance trained men. Nutrition & Metabolism 2013