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A60 UK Client Burns 6.5 Kilos of Fat Quickly

A60 UK Client Burns 6.5 Kilos of Fat Quickly

Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition Success for a UK client loses 6.5 Kilos quickly. 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3 and GCX10 used daily in accordance with the Aggressive 60 and the right training approach puts clients on the fast track for burning body fat. A60 UK Client Burns 6.5 Kilos of Fat Quickly and so can you!

A60 UK Client Burns 6.5 Kilos of Fat Quickly

High protein, minimal carbs ( though as much grern veg as I like as often as I like) high carb refeed day every 14 days …it’s great to feel fresh and like I’m truly living clean
I’ve lost 3.5 kgs in 3 weeks.


Peter Baird to Emma
Awesome news. Energy systems etc all good? 3.5kg is fantastic!

It is epic…energy is great tbh… I thought it maybe wasn’t working as I had no jitters n didn’t feel like I had taken a supplement… no crash etc but I’m amazed looking forward to next weigh in in 10 days see where I’m at if I go at this rate I’ll be at target in no time.

No Stimulant Burn out!

Honest to god I went to a PT nearly 2 years ago to lose a couple of kilos… ended up putting on a stone training etc just didn’t suit me and I’ve struggled to shake the weight ever since fag burners didn’t work I just burnt out my adrenals diet changes etc had little impact n my body confidence was at an all time low now I’m training feeling great not having to over train in hope of results I’m actually amazed… like I felt a bit tighter but to see that amount off was just great.

Thank you so much you have always been great with your advice… it’s expensive but so far very very effective … big thanks when I’m ripped n famous I’ll add u to the credits. A60 UK Client Burns 6.5 Kilos of Fat Quickly

6.5kg off!

lol I swear I’m feeling great …. I am the weight I was prior to my PT experience from hell two years ago … no jitters no burn out no shite n clean healthy food these products are beyond epic
I’ve had serious results so far and really wanna keep pushing it it’s the way forward !! X
Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System is deffo working I’m getting leaner last weight check down another kilo almost n feeling great…. I need shares in the products the rate I’ve bought them at lol finally glad to be making progress. For so long there I wouldn’t get s photo taken cause I looked n felt so lousy…. life is getting good again thanks to the products and the level of support from Scott n you guys