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24 HD Fat Loss Weight Training System

24 Training Optimizes Fat Burning Hormones Part 1

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Rotating 4 different exercises as part of a giant set allows certain muscles to rest while others are working to the max. This will enable you to use very short rest periods between sets while performing at a high level. Great performance, extended set duration and short rest periods combine to naturally optimize fat burning hormone levels during sessions that are 45 minutes or less. The burning feeling you feel within your muscles while working hard is a signal that lactic acid levels are climbing. Lactic acid is a precursor to growth hormone which is one of the most potent natural fat burning hormones.*

24 HD Fat Loss Weight Training System

Picture Spring Break with your dream body. The vision of achievement brings satisfaction, great pride and a strong source of motivation. Harness this motivation to make your dreams into reality by working hard and smart. You must use the right weight training, interval sprint and nutrition strategy to support your success. Some people may only need small physique refinements to reach their goals. Most people have a more significant distance to travel before earning their dream body.*

Fat burning weight training video agenda

  1. Scott H. Mendelson will explain how to determine the best weight load for each exercise.
  2. A giant set which includes 4 exercises are all done at 1 station which is great for crowded gyms.
  3. We will demonstrate the proper form and repetition speed.
  4. An advanced version of the 24 HD system will be demonstrated in the video directly following.
  5. The 24 HD plan will not cause women to accidentally gain unwanted muscle.

Accelerate fat burning and recovery rates with 100% MR + Muscle synthesis

Using the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis powder before, during and after sessions accelerates recovery between sets, improves performance and increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel. Dr. Serrano spent many years perfecting the proprietary amino acid ratios based on hormonal blood work analysis, muscle biopsies, published research, performance reviews and extensive patient body composition testing. This powerful combo buffers lactic acid levels; allowing trainees to push beyond normal discomfort thresholds to optimize fat burning hormones even higher.*


24 HD Fat Loss Weight Training System


High density fat loss training strategies

This is the perfect time to take a fresh weight training approach to support your body transformation success. Do not go back to old generic programs just because they are easy for you to remember. Break out of your comfort zone and take action with strategic changes. Training to earn your dream body requires the use of tactics to burn a large volume of calories and to more importantly- to naturally boost fat burning hormones for 24 to 48 hours following each session. Dusting off your old generic plans may burn some calories, but after a couple of weeks the body will stop responding.*

Train harder and smarter to achieve your goals

Lacking the right plan when you enter the gym is a waste of time. Sure you will burn some calories and you may “maintain” what you have, but progress will be painfully slow or could even move in the wrong direction. Over the years countless numbers of experienced trainees have signed up for personalized programs and earned more progress during the 12 week phase than the previous 2 to 3 years combined. We match the ideal weight training, interval sprint and nutrition strategies to their specific needs with completely fresh tactics. Program refinements are made based on client progress and feedback to prevent plateaus.*

Improving your weekly performance drives up fat burning hormones

Your objective each week should be to increase the weight loads while executing the proper form, repetition speeds and rest periods. Yes this is the case for both men and women even if the goal is not to gain muscle. Gaining muscle is not easy and does not happen by accident without a diet geared specifically to muscle growth in place.*

Read part 2 for the 24 HD Chest and Back training routine and Advanced Training Strategies

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