Dan’s Training Testimonial

“Having Scott’s direction behind you is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner No one can guarantee that you will ever reach your fitness goals, and seeing the results of others does not convey

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Daniel’s Testimonial

“I am extremely happy with my results! By drinking Muscle Synthesis powder and 100% MR pre and post workout and between meals, and taking Alpha Omega M3 I have been able to get my results more

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Lost 11 Pounds – Jason’s Testimonial

“I’ve lost 11 pounds, over 4% of my body fat Exercising and training hard has always been a part of my lifestyle. But with the customized nutritional consultation plan and supplements (100% MR, Muscle Synthesis

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13% to 6.8% Body Fat – Richard’s Testimonial

“My name is Richard L and I am a certified master trainer that has been in the fitness industry for ten years. I had a very specific goal and was looking to drop body fat

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Tom’s Training Testimonial

Tom burns 18 pounds of body fat and gains 5 pounds of muscle. Tom executed customized training and nutrition programs built specifically for his needs to drive rapid progress. Training programs featured strategic challenge increases

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Partricia’s Fitness Testimonial

“Scott Mendelson with Infinity Fitness has given me that impetus… I have had personal trainers in the past. Unfortunately, my last trainer moved out of the area. Since I live in a rural area, there

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