Tom’s Training Testimonial

Tom burns 18 pounds of body fat and gains 5 pounds of muscle. Tom executed customized training and nutrition programs built specifically for his needs to drive rapid progress. Training programs featured strategic challenge increases every 2 weeks to increase fat burning hormones and to stimulate muscle fibers critical to substantial muscle growth.*

Training quality over quantity

Advanced trainees like Tom must add strategic challenges regularly due to the maturity of their nervous systems which catch on quick to training plans. 4 intense weight training sessions, all taking less than 60 minutes with two 30 minute Rapid Fat Burning interval sessions per executed each week.

Prevent fat burning plateaus

Macronutrient cycling nutrition programs helped Tom avoid metabolic staleness, increase fat burning/muscle building enzymes and optimize the hormonal environment. Altering the composition of a few weeks each week as a part of the macronutrient cycling strategy is not only highly effective for transforming body comp, but also boosts energy levels through the through the roof.

100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3 and Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time and Night time formula were used on a daily basis to accelerate fat burning, rates of recovery form hard training and muscle growth.*