Partricia’s Fitness Testimonial

“Scott Mendelson with Infinity Fitness has given me that impetus…

I have had personal trainers in the past. Unfortunately, my last trainer moved out of the area. Since I live in a rural area, there has been no suitable replacement. I felt that my workouts haven’t been optimal. I really needed a push! Scott Mendelson with Infinity Fitness has given me that impetus. The workouts that he has given me are intense and challenging. I am doing more work in less time. I used to spend hours at the gym. Now I am there for an hour or less.

I never really took supplements before. (It was hard for me to find products that I could digest. It seems like all of the protein shakes have whey. My body can’t digest whey.) Muscle Synthesis Powder, and 100% MR do not have any whey! It is great to take something that doesn’t upset my system. I also take GCX10, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce Day Formula and Fat Reduce Night Formula. I feel like these supplements have helped tremendously with reducing body fat.

I have always disliked the “pink” weight stigma that women receive in the gym. I like to be strong and able to complete pull-ups and push-ups. Since I have been doing these workouts, I love the comments that I receive from kids that are 19-20 years old: “Your biceps are bigger than mine!” or “You are really ripped!” This feels great since I am 44 years old. Thanks Scott for pushing me through my slump.”*

– Patricia W 06/21/2014