Transformation from Body-Building to Triathlon….with a big thank you to Infinity Fitness

“I got my body fat measured this morning, along with the weight loss, my body-fat % went from 15% to 7% as of today. This was over 4 months training time.

Muscles got stronger and grew without bulk, and fat was just shed like crazy. Imagine now when you climb a hill on bike or run, or propel yourself through the water….you are ‘missing’ a 25 lb + barbell weight on your back….nice huh? 🙂

Infinity Fitness cycling client testimonia

All my water has a blend of 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis in it all the time and the Muscle Synthesis capsules are used pre/post workout to ensure a constant flow of building/recovery blocks to the muscles themselves.

Improve endurance event peformance

Fellow athletes, purpose of this little content piece is to raise awareness of how large a roll the products from InfinityFitness.com, can truly ‘fuel’ ones endurance, strength, interval and race day performance.
While being a ‘student’ (so I am no ‘Official Authority’, just a man who has had a variety of experiences in arena), I’ve always found for myself and the many Spinning students I’ve had during the last 14 years of teaching, that we can get the most benefits from our training by keeping our bodies in a constant state of Amino Acid flow.

Block muscle break down

The muscles broken down in the last training session are then given their proper nutrients for growth and recovery. Most of us are ‘on the go’ people, and it can be challenging to pre-load, load, post-load, and then continuously ‘feed’ our muscles all day and night. For myself, the Muscle Synthesis and 100% MR product lines have solved that challenge for me and many of my Spin students for the 10 years Scott Mendelson and I have been working together.

Infinityfitness.com cycling client testimonial climbing

I have used his Vitamins, Fat Reduce FBO5 and Alpha Omega M3’s on and off for years, never really getting too serious about fat loss, but certainly maintaining myself while enjoying burgers and fries sometimes.

This February, for reasons unknown, I embarked on the current journey towards completing my first Triathlon up in West Point, NY on 8.18. It is the Sprint distance, thus requires all-out effort for at least 1 hour 30 minutes.

Time to Lose Body Fat for Race Day Success

After consulting with Scott Mendelson about the need to really trim down from the 214 lb person I was in February, Scott provided the Fitness supplement plan and recommended nutrition schedule, which I lightly modified to fit into my timing, etc…and the results have been spectacular. Currently at 184 lbs and probably racing in 5 days at 183 lbs has allowed me to do everything faster without loss of power as it was a pure body fat shed, while maintaining both muscle mass and strength.

Accelerate recovery and performance

In closing, the products from Infinity Fitness can be incredibly effective for all athletes, not just bodybuilders and powerlifters. How much confidence would you have if you knew you were feeding your muscles for the entire training or racing session vs. just what you did pre/post? It makes a world of difference, and for this 45 year old, my recovery rate after intense training is incredibly rapid.

I’d encourage all athletes, but certainly cyclists, swimmers, runners, Triathletes, etc, to experiment with how you can make these great tools work for you.

Enjoy the progress and thanks for listening.”*

Brian M 08.13.2013 New York City