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Full Body Pyramid Conditioning

Fully Body Pyramid Conditioning

Alternating between compound upper and lower body movements with short rest periods in between is a great way to surge fat burning hormones, stimulate fast twitch muscle fibers, burn a ton of calories and to improve conditioning. Challenging weight loads potentiated by the specific repetition scheme with proper form add to the Full Body Pyramid Training Physique Transformation Benefits. Break plateaus by adding a Full Body Pyramid Conditioning Session to your weekly split with 10 intense work sets. Scott Mendelson uses a wide variety of training frequencies and tactics to maximize 12 week Personalized Training and Nutrition Plan program client success.


Full Body Pyramid Conditioning

  1. Use 60 seconds rest to maximize fat loss and 120 seconds to emphasize muscle growth.
  2. Take 4 to 8 GCX10 before training to crank out more quality reps with higher weight loads.
  3. Aim for incremental weight load increases each week with proper form
  4. Reduce the weight load during a set if you fail prematurely and continue
  5. Accelerate comprehensive recovery and improve rates of body transformation with 100% MR/ Muscle Synthesis Powder pre/post training.
  6. Get a training partner to create social competition
4 to 8 GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules 30 minutes before training helps clients use heavier loads while cranking out more quality reps for multiple sets. GCX10 promotes razor sharp focus without stimulants and helps clients overcome exercise induced discomfort to keep disciplined rest periods between sets.

Short Rest Can Boost Fat Burning Hormones

Alternating sets of the deadlift movement and pull ups with only 60 seconds rest will become challenging by the second work set. Use a stop watch and remain disciplined with the rest periods if your goal is to maximize rates of fat burning. Those wanting to pack on lean muscle should take 120 seconds rest between sets which will support higher loading. Short rest periods increase lactic acid which is responsible for the burning sensation felt in working muscles. Lactic acid is precursor to growth hormone which is naturally very powerful for fat burning. 100% MR helps to buffer the lactic acid response so trainees can use short rest periods and push through challenging conditions while maximizing work output.

Accelerated Recovery and Improved Performance

Sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder 30 minutes before and again immediately after the training session sets the stage to maximize benefits from all of your hard work. The scientifically engineered combination of amino acids assembled by Dr. Eric Serrano MD protect hard earned muscle, accelerate recovery between sets, increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel and lays the ideal raw material foundation for rapid muscle accumulation for men.

Stripping The Weight Load

Gradually increasing the weight loads with proper form on a weekly basis will increase rates of body transformation progress. Do not be afraid to fail during a set as long as you do so safely. For example during the third work set of 6 reps which is the peak of the pyramid it is common for clients to get 4 reps with a challenging load and then need to reduce the load to be able to continue the set and get the final two reps. The next week the goal should be to use the same load for the entire 6 reps with proper form before moving up the load the next week.

Accelerated recovery and proper fueling with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder supports extended periods of elevated fat burning for up to 48 hours following each training session. Rapid recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system enables the body to dedicate more resources to burning fat and repairing muscle for excellent physique transformations.
Fully Body Pyramid Conditioning
A1. Trape Bar Deadlift or Med Ball Pick Up
A2. Neutral Grip Pull up w/Load Adjustment
rest between sets for maximal fat loss 60 seconds
rest between sets for muscle growth emphasis 120 seconds
Scientifically Engineered Supplementation Protocol
30 Minutes Pre Training
2-4 scoops 100% MR
2-4 scoops Muscle Synthesis Powder
Combined with water into the same drink
4-8 GCX10
3 Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time
Immediately Post training
2-4 scoops 100% MR
2-4 scoops Muscle Synthesis Powder
Combined with water into the same drink