Unbalanced Load Core Training Lunge

Unbalanced Load Core Training Lunge

Lowering body fat levels and improving core muscle definition are the keys to excellent six pack development. However this is much easier said than done and requires the correct strategies to make it happen. The Unbalanced Load Core Training Lunge forces six pack muscles to engage as nature intended. Our clients incorporate short functional training sessions to provide strategic challenges for core muscles while activating fat burning hormones with short rest periods a couple times per week.

Unbalanced Load Core Training Lunge

As you can see in the video Scott Mendelson is holding a 25 pound ball on one shoulder during a lunge movement. You can start with a five pound ball or even less as you develop the proper form. Even a small weight load can make a big difference with core muscle engagement. Abdominal muscles just like any other muscles must be training properly to create a beneficial response.  In this case with short sessions using unbalanced loading techniques we can improve abdominal muscle definition, increase functional strength and boost fat burning hormones.

Unbalanced Core Training

Sip naturally flavored 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis powder 30 minutes before and immediately after exercise to increase the usage of stored fat as fuel, improve performance and to drastically reduce muscle soreness. The proprietary blends of amino acids Dr. Eric Serrano MD created send powerful fat burning signals to the brain throughout the day without stimulants, artificial ingredients, sugar, coloring, or carbohydrate. 

Train The Six Pack Muscles as Nature Intended

Core muscles were not designed for sit ups and may other ground based exercises. Nature intended the core muscles to coordinate during acts of everyday life like picking up items, sprinting, manual labor, sports and more. These tasks for the most part take place while standing and the forces are never perfectly balanced as humans move in multiple planes.

Proper form priorities

The torso should be upright and not leaning to one side when performing the Unbalanced Load Core Training Lunge. The weight load may be too heavy if the torso is not kept perfectly straight. It can take several weeks to perfect the form, however during this acclimation period the six pack muscles receive tremendously beneficial training stimuli to improve their strength and visual development.