Testing Food Responses

Testing Food Responses

Determining which foods create the best response for individual clients is extremely important for maximizing physique transformation, daily energy and performance. Each individual person will respond to specific foods much differently based on genetics, gender, environment, disease state, age, digestive health, activity, stress levels, sleep patterns and more. Testing Food Responses is one of the first steps we take when working with a new 12 week platinum personalized weight training, fat burning interval and nutrition program clients.

Testing the response to individual foods

Personalized weight training, nutrition and interval programs offer many unique features including Testing Food Responses to accelerate client progress. Consuming foods that cause a poor reaction can make tremendous efforts in other areas go to waste.

Testing Food Responses

Acute reactions such as anaphylactic shock to peanuts is extremely dangerous and are commonly referred to as a food allergy. However allergies to other foods may be far more subtle and cause tremendous problems over time.

According to Dr. Eric Serrano MD eating the same foods repeatedly over time without a proper rotation can lead to food allergies, intolerance and irritations. These poor reactions to common food sources can present as difficulty losing body fat or gaining muscle, digestive distress, sluggishness, rashes, joint pain and more. The body becomes distracted from repairing muscles and using stored fat as fuel due to valuable resources needed to clean up the metabolic mess than occurs every time the wrong food is consumed.

Beware of protein shakes

Highly concentrated dairy ingredients such as whey and casein are highly likely to build food allergies, irritations or intolerances over time. These poor reactions cancel out many benefits that are supposedly provided by dairy based shakes. Initially a trainee may not notice any problems, but within a short period stomach upset can often occur as the first of many unpleasant symptoms.

Do not let feeling lousy become the norm

Bodybuilders and many other athletes are creatures of habit when it comes to their nutrition plans. This is a recipe for poor food reaction disaster as it is only a matter of time until big problems take hold. Rotating food choices on a daily basis as part of a macronutrient cycling strategy is one of the many effective strategies we use to help clients.