Strip 18 Training Shoulder Press

Strip 18 Training Shoulder Press

Strip 18 Training Shoulder Press requires special attention as most trainees use terrible form with this movement. Emphasize the proper form and take the dumbbell down to the side of the shoulder as demonstrated in the video. Improving the form may require a reduction in weight load initially, but strength levels will improve quickly when the right recovery conditions are put into place.

Strip 18 Training Shoulder Press

The picture below demonstrates full range of motion on bottom of the Strip 18 Training Shoulder Press as the dumbbell touches the shoulder. The arms should be straight on top with a 10 degree bend in the elbow to minimize any joint stress.

Strip 18 Training Shoulder Press Bottom

The shoulders are one of the most common joints to have pain for both men and women which can be linked back to poor form, muscle imbalances, inflammatory foods and many other issues. Taking Alpha Omega M3 daily with a couple of meals has a tremendous impact on lubricating joints and reducing body fat levels through several proven pathways. The scientifically engineered ratios of essential fats assembled by Dr. Eric Serrano MD cleanses billions of fat cells while optimizing insulin sensitivity.

Great for Men and Women

Strip 18 Training Shoulder Press is included within the broader Strip 18 Training concept which is great for men and women. Strip 18 helps women maximize the release of fat burning hormones while helping muscles to firm up in all of the right places. In close to 20 years working with female clients none have ever accidentally gained unwanted muscle and been unhappy. The right training techniques including weight load adjustments during sets are crucial for women to accelerate their body transformations.

Men who want to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time will do fantastically well with Strip 18 Training. Men have a greater capacity to gain muscle than women due to many genetic differences. Sets including two or three weight load adjustments allow men to have a very high load per rep on average during a set of 18 reps which ends up having a long time under tension.