Seated Hamstring Contractions

Seated Hamstring Contractions

Squeeze the ball against the stable post of the bench as hard as you can for the time designated. Seated hamstring contractions use various ball sizes and weights will add to the challenge in several different ways. Medicine balls with a soft form can also work very well for this specialized movement.


Seated Hamstring Contractions

Place the ball just below the calf and above the ankle. Keep the foot neutral meaning the toes should be pointed straight ahead. After mastering holding the ball in the correct position lift the opposite leg to the top position as demonstrated in the video.

Leg Extension with no external loading on the joint

Holding the leg other leg in the top position for the same length of the time the opposite hamstring is working will be extremely challenging. The quadriceps muscle will activate very well after a few seconds and you will be able to see the muscle contracting.

We find this to be much more favorable movement than a leg extension which tends to grind tissues and joints. Do not be surprised if the quadriceps begin to fatigue before the hamstrings.

Avoid Excessive Soreness

The seated hamstring contractions wake up a lot of muscle fibers that may not have been used in a while which can bring on tremendous soreness. Sip the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately following training sessions to minimize soreness, improve performance, increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel and to lay the ideal raw material foundation for accelerated repair.*

Switch legs

Complete the time listed such as 30 seconds for the first leg and then repeat the sequence for the other leg to complete the set. It should take only ten seconds to switch between legs which important for elevating fat burning hormones.

Use a stop watch or wrist watch to time the length of the set.Seated Hamstring Contractions