Reducing Visceral Fat

Lower many risk factors and improve your appearance by reducing visceral fat. Eric Serrano MD explains the difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous body fat.

Reducing Visceral Fat

High levels of visceral fat in addition to many other factors creates a highly bloated look in the mid-section which is very common with both men and women. Visceral fat can accumulate for a number of reasons including alcohol intake. Fat that sits between the organs can be made up of visceral fat.

Get 5 proven strategies for getting rid of stubborn belly fat for men and lower body fat for women. Dr. Serrano and Scott H. Mendelson’s clients have used these 5 strategies with great success over the last 10 years. Each year the strategies are refined based on new research, client body composition progress, DR. Serrano’s hormonal blood work reviews and more.

Keeping stress levels under control is very important for educing overall body fat levels and stubborn body fat in particular. Reducing Visceral Fat is great investment in improving your physique and daily energy.

GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer attacks visceral and stubborn fat without the use of any stimulants. Lactoferrin is a very powerful ingredient which is technically a protein, proven in the research to reduce visceral fat. The lactoferrin also can improve immunity levels which is extremely important for business people and professional athletes who travel frequently.*

Increase Peak Power and Strength Endurance

ATP increases peak power and strength endurance by providing the muscles with a very powerful fuel source. Our evaluations demonstrate increased weight load and rep capacity which leads to improved performance and body composition.*

Razor Sharp Focus Without Stimulants

Finally glycine improves mental focus while reducing anxiety. Many of our professional athlete clientele were searching for pre competition supplementation without stimulants back in 2014 which partially lead to Dr. Serrano’s formulation of the GCX10.