Band Hip Raise

Band Glute Raise Video demonstration.

The band hip raise is an excellent exercise for activating the glutes and the entire posterior chain. Band tension provides functional resistance to accommodate the strength curve. The most tension will be achieved at the top of each repetition.

Band Hip Raise

Dr. Eric Serrano MD explains the importance of each of the three foot positions demonstrated during the video.

Posterior chain training

The on toes position is done first to involve the calf along with the entire posterior chain.

The heels only position stretches the calves while working the posterior chain.

A flat foot position will be the easiest position and is utilized last in the sequence to accommodate the fatigue created by the first to positions.

Training partners can help the trainee by providing feedback regarding proper range of motion on top of each rep. Excellent hip mobility is needed to perform this exercise correctly.

Check with your doctor before using this exercise or making any changes to your training program.

This advanced exercise should be done with moderate band tension to ensure the raise portion of the exercise can be done an explosive manner. Over time the amount of band tension can be increased pending the client individual needs.

Proper set up of this exercise is crucial to avoid injury. 100 pound dumbbells are needed to attach both sides of the band. Training partners standing on the dumbbells ensure that they will not move during the exercise.