Alternating Tension Band Triceps Extensions

Alternating Tension Band Triceps Extensions

Proper implementation of Alternating Tension Band Triceps Extensions can improve peak power, work capacity and body composition. Dr. Eric Serrano MD explains how the high elbow position keeps the traps down while engaging the long head of the triceps.

Scott H. Mendelson uses supinated, pronated and neutral grips to recruit all three triceps heads during the set sequence. Ischemic strength training principles are used by holding one arm in place at a point of tension while the other arm performs perfect reps.

Alternating this execution between arms maximizes the training and muscle growth benefits.

In most situations identical bands should be used for both hands that are appropriate for the level of tension so they do not snap. There are situations where bands of differing tension amounts are needed to create a strength deficit. This can also be changed with each set as needed. Dr. Serrano has also used different ischemic hold positions so one arm can go through the full range of motion while the other arm stays in a fixed position.

Limiting the range of motion for one limb may be done to address a specific weakness, injury or other problem Dr. Serrano identifies during a thorough exam of each patient. The training partner must be properly position when holding the bands in remain in the same distance from the bench for each set to maintain a consistent length of tension. During the set less band tension can be used to accommodate fatigue. Instead of reducing the weight load, the band tension is decreased which would be a similar concept to a strip set.

Make sure to use bands specifically designed for these types of training activities to support safety while maximizing benefits. Bands should be checked before each workout to make sure there are no tears or other defects for safety reasons.