3 Execution Supinated Row

3 Execution Supinated Row

Fix common back muscle weaknesses with the 3 Execution Supinated Row sequence. The finishing point of the db on top of the movement is extremely important. Aim to pull the dbs to touch the sides of the hip in the top position. Most people due to a lack of strength will want to pull the dbs to the rib cage. This form emphasis may require a reducing in weight load which is perfectly fine.

3 Execution Supinated Row
A thirty degree incline setting for the bench is most common, however there may be some clients who will benefit from a twenty degree incline during certain phases.

Perform 8 reps with three seconds from the top position when the dumbbells are touching your hips back down to the bottom position while leaving at least five degrees flexion in your elbows. Following a one second pause on the bottom with the arms extended take one second to return to the top position.

3 execution supinated row

Walking around with your shirt off in a tropical location will expose your well developed back muscles to be seen! More importantly fixing strength deficits can reduce the risk of injury significantly. Sip 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before and immediately after training to keep muscles well fueled and recovered so that maximum benefits can be earned from every training session.

Pause at the mid point of the rep for twenty seconds and keep focus on contracting the back muscles. The tension should not be in the upper back or neck area, rather the lats and lower traps.

Finally perform twenty reps at a faster pace with proper form to finish the set. It is ok to take a ten second break during the twenty rep sequence if you feel range of motion starting to diminish. You will notice improved performance during all elements of the 3 Execution Supinated Row over the course of a six week training program especially if you are taking care of your recovery needs with the 100% MR.*