Fitness Tips

High Tension Arm Training

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

High Tension training techniques drive accelerated muscle growth and strength accumulation with cutting edge tactics. Build biceps peaks like baseballs and horseshoe triceps with our video series and complete workout below.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD takes Scott H. Mendelson through an extremely challenging arm training sequence using revolutionary exercise executions which peak tension levels to stimulate a wide cross section of muscle fibers with the greatest potential for growth. Check your ego at the door because high tension training programs are going to push your muscles to the limit.

Standing unilateral barbell curl for huge biceps

This is one heck of a warm up as curling a standard 45 pound barbell with one arm is not only heavy, but also requires tremendous effort to keep the bar level. Each rep provides a very “full” contraction based on client feedback due to the multiple challenging factors.. The balancing element to keep the bar as perfectly level as possible trains the supinator and pronator muscles which are very important for performance and injury prevention.

Tension Point Curls

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A strength balancing act

You will find very quickly that curling the 45 pound barbell is much harder than curling a 45 pound dumbbell due to the difference in lever length. Most trainees will need to start with a much lower weight to execute the proper form which is perfectly fine.

Correct strength and development imbalances

We instruct our personalized program clients to always start unilateral (one arm at a time) exercises with the weaker arm first to balance developmental and strength deficits. Based on many years of experience helping clients reach their goals we believe very strongly that starting a training session with unilateral movements including the BB unilateral curl supports excellent muscle engagement for the following sets. There is method to the madness when determining the order of exercises, special executions, the number of sets, reps, tempos and rest periods to maximize client benefits based on their individual needs.

Triceps Activation Push Ups

GCX10 enables trainees to maximize peak muscle power and strength endurance for more quality sets during intense training sessions. The resulting excellent training performance using high tension training methods combined with the right recovery conditions supports the fastest opportunity for exception rates of muscle growth.*

High tension training

The hardest and most productive push ups of your life

Your fingers work like a series of complex switches to turn certain muscles on and others off at the right times. Dr. Serrano through his in depth understanding of the nervous system develop this series of high threshold triceps activation push ups originally as injury rehabilitation exercises. Shortly thereafter he noticed patients experiencing dramatic improvement to their triceps power and muscle size leading him to more productive experimentation.

Watch the videos carefully before the training session to perfect the technique. Focus on engaging the triceps with the mind-muscle connection to gain the most benefit from every challenging rep. The forward body lean helps to minimize shoulder stress and reduce the biceps involvement so the triceps have to take on more of the load. Each unique hand position offers a new level of muscle activation.

High Tension Points Stimulate Muscle Growth

Dr. Serrano uses randomized tension points during the prone incline curl for many reasons. We are able to target the long head of the biceps very effectively in the prone position with this execution. Obviously the muscles will not be accustom to these added challenges during a set which helps to increase muscle fiber recruitment. The fresh stimuli are extremely important for an experienced trainee who has a very mature nervous system in need of new execution patterns.*

Squeeze Curls with Scott H. Mendelson

Squeeze Curls

Push your muscles to the limit

We tell our clients to push as hard as the can against the tension point which is the hand pushing against the dumbbell resistance for great muscle fiber engagement which leads to more muscle growth opportunities. As you can see during the videos these sets are highly challenging, requiring a great level of focus and energy to complete effectively.*

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Squeeze curls

During a standard dumbbell curl set the tension comes primarily from lifting and lowering the weight load in simple terms. Squeezing a disc or quarter between the dumbbells forces the muscle to add another vital tension dimension which in turn stimulates a greater number of muscle fibers. 

Huge muscle pumps

The “squeeze” execution throughout the set drives a greater amount of nutrient filled blood flow to the muscles. We take advantage of these unique growth conditions by sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis before, during and immediately after the training sessions to deliver the vital growth materials to the working muscles right away.*

Dr. Serrano’s scientifically engineered amino acid ratios within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis are utilized within seconds as they bypass digestive hang ups. The exclusive raw material ratios provide the ideal material foundation for accelerated muscle growth and repair. Years of hormonal patient blood work enabled Dr. Serrano to balance the specific amino acid ratios to boost insulin levels to create a naturally anabolic status ideal for excellent rates of muscle growth and fat burning.*

A1.Unilateral Barbell curl2(6-8)3-1-1-175
A2. Activation Triceps push ups*2(4-6)3-2-x-075
B1. Long Head Tension Point Curls2(6-8)3-1-1-175
B2. Activation Triceps push ups^2(4-6)3-2-x-075
C1. Squeez Curls2(6-8)3-1-1-275
C2. Activation Triceps push ups#2(4-6)3-2-x-075
* All Fingers and both thumbs pushing into floor
^ Thumbs only pushing into the floor
# All fingers pushed into floor, but not thumbs