Infinity Fitness Fat Loss Success

Rapid Fat Loss Success

I’m a full time single Mom and a business owner with a busy schedule earning Rapid Fat Loss Success. After pregnancies, I hadn’t focused on what my body looked like at all until I saw Dr. Serrano’s fat loss program. I remember trying his Alpha Omega M3 product many years ago while prepping to compete in figure at the Arnold Classic and remember that it was a difference maker back then. I currently train twice a day with a morning cardio session or run and weights in the evening so I needed help recovering as well. Scott Mendelson was awesome in helping me figure out which products would work best for me. I’ve used the Fat Reduce FBO5, 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder recovery/transformation and performance protocols for about 3 months now and love the results!!

Rapid Fat Loss Success

Infinity Fitness Client Fat Loss Success

Noora earns great success by consistently executing her scientifically engineered supplement protocol, exercise and nutrition programs. Learn more about 12 week personalized weight training, fat burning interval and nutrition programs including ongoing support with Scott Mendelson to ensure your rapid body transformation.

Feeling Great Every Day

I feel awesome and have put on some lean muscle that I lost during pregnancies and post partum. I take the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder after my morning session and after weights in the evening. I started noticing a difference in both recovery and strength within a few days. My training sessions have been consistently strong and focused. 

Infinity Fitness Client Success

Proper weight training protocols are essential for females to optimize body composition and quality of life.

Alpha Omega M3 Fat Cell Cleansing Agent

My favorite product that I am taking 3 times a day at mealtimes is the Alpha Omega M3 fat burning fish oil 8 ingredient complex. I am sensitive to stimulants so I don’t take fat burners but with this, I don’t need to. My appetite is healthy and level without cravings. It actually works better than focused appetite suppressants. 


I have also taken the Fat Reduce FBO5 Night time Formula and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst at meal times 3 times a day. The body composition system works. It has been the differentiating factor for me between Mom bod and getting back to looking like an athlete. Thank you Infinity Fitness!!!

Noora 08/19/2021