James Webb weighs in for his Cage Warriors Championship fight

Pro MMA Fighter Cuts Weight and Trains Productively

I was on a calorie deficit for 12 weeks for my World Title Cage Warriors MMA Bout. The Alpha Omega M3 essential fatty acids I would take for breakfast helped to protect my brain and improve my body composition with the specialized ingredient ratios Dr. Eric Serrano MD has developed. My strength coach Adam Ward has worked with Dr. Serrano extensively to build supplement, nutrition and recovery programs for elite MMA Competitors.

James Webb Weight Cut

James Webb Cuts Weight and uses 100% MR naturally flavored mixed berry and Muscle Synthesis Powder to prevent muscle loss and fatigue during intense pre fight training.

I use the Muscle Synthesis Powder and 100% MR pre/post weight training, conditioning and MMA sessions to prevent muscle loss, to improve rates of recovery and to drive great performance even while being in a caloric deficit. Using the Muscle Synthesis Powder naturally flavored mixed berry between meals during fight prep was suggested by Dr. Serrano to provide an essential free form amino acid source to create faster rates of fat loss while elevating performance without any caloric burden.

James Webb Scientifically engineered supplementation

Pro MMA Fighter Cuts Weight and Trains Productively

I felt great for a guy eating under 2000 calories daily alongside training 2/3 hard sessions 6 days a week. I felt I could push longer during sessions keeping high energy and a high output. I didn’t get injured nor ill once, my body was fed the best it could with the best supplements I could get. This gave me the best chance of winning I could give myself. 10/10

James Webb 10/23/2023 United Kingdom