Personalized Program Client Earns Razor Sharp Condition for Cover Photo Shoot

Personalized training and nutrition plan client drops body fat and keeps hard earned muscle for photo shoot. Breaking into single digit body fat and great condition in 10 short weeks.

Strategic Training and Nutrition Programming Drives Success

“Working with Scott H. Mendelson and Eric Serrano MD has been very helpful in preparing for my photo shoot. I have gotten much leaner, have stayed pretty satisfied food wise throughout the whole prep, and was really challenged in my workouts. Many new exercises were used I had never done before that helped also bring out detail in my physique I had never thought possible.

Proprietary Supplementation Protocols

I used 100% MR stacked with Muscle Synthesis Powder throughout prep and that made a HUGE difference in the way I felt and also just recovered in general. I won’t take that out of my arsenal anytime soon.

GCX10 Packs A Huge Punch

I also used GCX10 during my workouts which gave me more endurance and “drive.” This was all capped off with Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time before bed every night to ensure I got the optimal sleep I needed.

Earning A Single Digit Body Fat %

Body fat wise, I would like to say I was anywhere between 11-13% starting out, and now I’m down to 6-7% which is a great difference in just 10 weeks of training. Body weight started around 217, ended around 207. Strength also stayed pretty high all throughout prep.

Very pleased with my results! Thanks again.”*

Dave S 09/06/2016