Excellent Personalized Nutrition Results

Excellent Personalized Nutrition Results

I reached out to Scott Mendelson in the beginning of December 2021 after my recent bodybuilding competition for a 12 week personalized nutrition program. At the time I was working with another coach during my bodybuilding preparation. After the competition in mid-November, I wanted to start working on improvements and possibly correct my mistakes I had made during the recent preparation processes as soon as possible. I was referred by my prep coach at the time to contact Scott, since my former coach and Scott, both previously knew each other. My intention was to look for any further information, possibly wanting to find new strategies from someone else’s expertise and I found Excellent Personalized Nutrition Results with Scott.

Excellent Personalized Nutrition Results

My former coach referred me to Scott’s Infinity Fitness website and from there, I called Scott right away. I had informed him I recently finished a bodybuilding competition, and I would like to gain back the body weight I had cut for the competition. I wanted to build back more muscle mass and density with keeping off unwanted weight much as possible. As soon as I decided when I wanted to start Scott had emailed me a 12-week nutrition program broken down into two parts of a six-week routine. I would keep track of my diet day by day, with the addition of the supplements Scott had mentioned to take, and I would forward him progress pictures once a week of me going through my mandatory bodybuilding poses.

Scientifically Engineered Supplementation

I used the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3 and GCX10 throughout the program with great success. My rates of recovery between workouts were great, my body composition improved and my strength increased steadily. Scott built the supplement program into my nutrition plan which was very easy to understand and follow.

Throughout the 12-week nutrition program process, I felt I was getting heavier on my body structure with keeping the unwanted weight low as possible. When I first started Scott’s twelve-week program, my body weight was around 168lbs, which was my post competition weight roughly still around 3.5-4% body fat. After the first part of the program within the first six weeks, I watched myself gain the weight I was looking for. Within the first six weeks, I went from 170lbs to about 185lbs give or take some of it was the rehydration weight. However, my strength and body weight were going up every one to two weeks. At the end of the second part of the remaining six weeks, I reached at a body weight of 195lbs with around 8-9% body fat. My strength is still going up weekly and I would highly recommend Scott’s expertise for any other personal training clients with whatever their goal may be.

Cem 04/27/2022

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