Client Gains 16 Pounds of Muscle

Client Gains 16 Pounds of Muscle

12 Week Personalized Training and Nutrition Plan Client Success

Client Gains 16 Pounds of Muscle

Scott has been my coach for a few months. I am over 50 years old and progress doesn’t come easy at this age, but by following his training program coupled with his nutrition plan the results quickly appeared. IF you are motivated your goal is to progress and evolve Scott Mendelson is the coach for you.

I started the program at 149 pounds and I am currently 165 pounds with more muscle.

Pierre G NYC 11/08/2022

Gaining Muscle Over 50

Client not pictured.

Scott’s Comments

Pierre executes the personalized training, nutrition and scientifically engineered supplementation protocols with the proper consistency to earn great results in a short period of time. He asks the right questions to ensure that he knows exactly what to do on a daily basis. Pierre provides feedback on his weight loads every few weeks which is very helpful when I am considering personalized program refinements. Effective communication is a key to success!

The training sessions are designed to be very dense with short rest periods which helps to pack a lot of high quality work into workouts lasting less than 60 minutes. A quality over quantity approach is ideal for avoiding overtraining and nagging injuries. The Nutrition system has taken a gradual approach with portion sizes and macronutrient cycling protocols which prevent metabolic staleness, increase muscle building enzymes and naturally optimize the hormonal environment.