Burning 30 Pounds of Fat

Burning 30 Pounds of Fat

I was referred to Scott Mendelson of Infinity Fitness by my old strength and conditioning coach. I tried about five different diets—ranging from calorie counting to insane starvation diets that didn’t allow for salt and just focused on shedding water weight, all while eating awful foods that made me miserable. None of them worked. I’m not a high-performing athlete anymore, so it was extremely difficult to establish and maintain consistent motivation while feeling trapped by these restrictions. At one point I relegated myself to just weighing the same indefinitely After Burning 30 Pounds of Fat I feel great.

Burning 30 Pounds of Fat

I talked to Scott Mendelson from InfinityFitness.com and he asked my extensive questions about my background, my goals, and other core areas of consideration. He recommended supplements, including the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis powders, Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 enzyme catalysts, and a new way of eating—focusing on getting more protein and carb-loading on specific days when I did specific workouts. Scott follows up with me hyper-consistently and has been awesome to worth with as I’ve strived to meet my goals.


Personalized Nutrition Plan Client Success

Grant added the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas to his protocol to bust through the most significant metabolic and hormonal barriers to fat burning. 12 week personalized nutrition and training program Clients enjoy large and satisfying meals!


After three weeks, I lost just under 10 pounds and I felt my metabolism working for the first time in two years. Twelve weeks later, I’m down 30 pounds and can fit into my suit, my shirts, my pants, everything again. I feel much better about how I eat, how I work out, and just how I look in general again. I haven’t had so many people comment on how I’ve slimmed down and leaned out—anything is possible again.

Scott Held Me Accountable

I was consistent. Not perfect, but consistent. Scott’s emails gave me a sense of accountability, and he really focused on me getting the right protein and oils in my system. The food tasted good, and I honestly hadn’t eaten so much since retiring from full-time athletics, but I was slimming down. No emphasis on calories, just balancing protein, timing carbs and being consistent with supplements.

Thanks Scott and Infinity Fitness for science-driven, performance-based weight loss results. I could not have done this without your help, your tailored program, and these amazing supplements and products. Whatever the cost of your program and supplements, it’s more than worth it.

Grant 09/22/2021